1. How to use it?

Follow 6 simple steps to start using MoonFarm Finance platform:

2. Sign up with your email, username, and referral code (if applicable), email verification will be sent to your mailbox within 5 minutes.

3. After successful registration, you choose “My wallet” to start the depositing process. Choose type of coin you want to deposit (eg: $MFO) by sending through address or scanning QR code.

4. After depositing successfully, you can start yield farming by going to Yield Farming and selecting the Pool you want to stake your money in.

5. After entering Yield Farming mode successfully, you can choose to stake all your money at a selected pool or you can choose a percentage of your balance to stake at selected pools.

6. You can withdraw and cancel farming at any time, but you can’t receive rewards from farming pools. You can only receive your reward after 24 hours of staking. You can withdraw and transfer to the address of your wallet.

7. You can use MoonSwap to swap your harvested token or other tokens conveniently and quickly.

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