2. MoonFarm in a nutshell
Centralized Decentralized Finance ("CeDeFi") is the upcoming area of blockchain based financial applications that combines the advantages of both Centralized Finance ("CeFi") and Decentralized Finance ("DeFi").
Our vision is to become a CeDeFi platform that offers market leading yield farming optimization. By doing so, we will contribute to
  • Bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi;
  • Remove entry barriers to yield farming and enhance users’ experience;
  • Provide better capital utilization;
  • Create strong optimization that provides the best benefits to DeFi users;
  • Boost crypto adoption;
Moonfarm provides a platform to utilize user’s funds through a set of yield farming that bring both good returns with a controllable risk.
To achieve this, Moonfarm leverages few key features of both Centralized and Decentralized Finance ecosystem:
  • High return rate - Defi bring out a crazy APY compare to traditional finance
  • Yield Farming Optimization - optimize the best APY yield farming on all chains for users
  • Easy to use – super easy to entry the crypto farming with low effort
  • Token Swap – easy to swap out back and forth to transfer token return to stable coin or any other favourite coin base on centralized liquid and 1inch liquidity
The need for a Ce DeFi solution like Moonfarm has never been clearer. A sizable and increasing amount of retailer capital and emerging Stablecoins are looking to generate yield. There is an ever increasing need for new crypto comers and businesses to access financing.
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