1. Introduction

The current financial service industry is vital to the global economy, but only provides their services at a traditionally high cost. Despite recent developments in financial technologies (commonly referred to as FinTech)

Financial services in the blockchain industry are displayed as another solution for customers to earn a better money rather than traditional financial services such as banks

Centralized Finance (CEFI) in the market like Blockfi or other saving crypto app emerging as the leader and using the same traditiontional mechanic system since they get money back from the borrowing to pay the interest rate for savers

On the other hand, Decentralized Finance (DEFI) is a innovation that can bring a much higher return compared to CEFI but poses a threat in security with a high entry barrier for new users

Centralized Decentralized Finance appear to solve the problems for both CEFI and DEFI by utilize fund of users to get the best APY from other Defi but have the same advantage of big name Cefi like Blockfi, Nexo

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