4. MoonFarm Products

MoonFarm is a DeFi and CeFi hybrid yield farming aggregator. It provides the best of both worlds, offering all the cost-effectiveness, easy access, transparency, and rapidity of DeFi yield farming, in addition to offering the security associated with a centralized financial ecosystem. MoonFarm optimizes yield farming interest (APY/APR) and provides users with the ability to choose what farms they want to use or the system will automatically determine the best farming strategies using the yield optimization engine.

MoonFarm was originally listed on Binance Smart Chain and with time has grown to support other popular chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Solana, and Luna. In the future, we intend to include Near, Celo, Kava, etc.

The core products of MoonFarm include MoonFarm Vaults and MoonFarm Yield Optimization Strategies (YOS) and Moonswap.

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