3.2 Moonfarm’s solutions
  • A hybrid farming system that combines the bests of DeFis and CeFis aiming to create an easy-to-use finance application that inherits high yield APR from DeFi and great user experience from CeFi;
  • MoonFarm aims to be the first cross-chain CEDEFI that provides farming strategies on different blockchain networks, instead of a single network as most of other DeFi projects.
  • Long-term sustainability: As the usage of crypto applications increases every day, transaction fees on blockchain networks will increase following the users demand to make transactions on blockchain. We have seen a single uniswap transaction on Ethereum can cost 100$ for gas fees, this is unacceptable for most users. MoonFarm provides users with low fees regardless of the market condition when users farm on the MoonFarm application.
  • Easy to on-board new users: Due to the combination of DeFi and CeFi, MoonFarm creates a new yield farming customer base of those who are either new to DeFi or incumbent with no in-depth understanding of the process.
  • MoonFarm provides A better solution for capital utilization in crypto.
  • MoonFarm provides an easier farming mechanism that allows farmers to farm with any single deposited assets.
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